2019/2020 Tahoe Group Winter Paddle Training Program

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Join Coach Jay Wild and the Tahoe Watermen for a group winter training program designed by paddlers for paddlers.

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5-Month Plan

A 3-day per week training program to maintain strength and paddling fitness.

$120 per month

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5-Month Plan

An integrated 5-day per week training program to build strength and hone technique.

$160 per month

Program runs November 4, 2019 to March 31, 2020. Join anytime.

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The Group Winter Paddle Training Progam is an integrated paddle training program including strength training, indoor and outdoor paddling, performance testing, technique analysis and tuning, and a 5-month daily workout plan delivered via Training Peaks or daily emails. The program consists primarily of coach-led group training sessions for paddlers in the Lake Tahoe area. The program and individual group workouts are led by Coach Jay Wild. 


Take advantage of the off-season winter months to hone your paddling technique, and build a bigger, more powerful paddling engine.


  • WEIGHT TRAINING. Weight training strengthens your paddling muscle framework to deliver more power in each stroke.


  • TECHNIQUE ANALYSIS. Technique analysis and tuning is conducted under controlled conditions using an indoor paddling erg with built-in power (watts) and effort (heart rate) dashboard and mirrors that help paddlers visually pinpoint and correct technique issues guided by Coach Jay Wild.


  • PERFORMANCE TESTING. Performance testing includes the three 'gold standards' used by professional and recreational endurance athletes to determine optimal training intensity and track performance gains over time. Testing is conducted by sports medicine experts on a paddling erg including VO2 Max, Lactate Threshold, and Functional Threshold. The test outputs are integrated into your daily workout plans thereby personalizing each workout for your particular fitness level and strengths/weaknesses.

  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR PADDLING. Indoor paddle erg interval sessions help maintain or build fitness throughout the winter, while weekly trips to Lake Natoma (1.5 hours from North Lake Tahoe) allow time for on-the-water, individual craft interval sessions.

  • CROSS-TRAINING: Gear up and get outside for a downhill, backcountry, or cross-country ski group session. 

  • EXPERT SPEAKERS: Build your knowledge, skills and practical know-how from expert presentations on training, technique, nutrition, sports psychology, and other topics.


This program is best for Lake Tahoe residents interested in a part-time (3 days per week) or full-time (5 to 6 days per week) paddle training program.


  • PRO PLAN (PART-TIME): The part-time plan is great for participants looking to enjoy Tahoe's winter sports activities while maintaining paddling-specific fitness, or for busy professionals or those with a family who want to make the most of several workouts per week.

  • EXPERT PLAN (FULL-TIME): The full-time plan is perfect for serious paddlers looking to significantly improve their paddling performance over the winter and hit the water in Summer 2020 ready to crush it.

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