Lake Tahoe Waterman Association was born in 2010 with a passion from both Anik and Jay Wild for Paddling and Lake Tahoe. Founded by Elite Athletes, the initial premises were to get kids on the water enjoying human-powered paddle sports. Since our 501c3 Non-Profit Organization evolved with the mission to be a steward of the land and the lake, promote human-powered watercraft education and safety. Additionally, to work with a network of organizations with the mission to conserve and protect our playground that is Lake Tahoe and its public access.  Our organization is home to Team Tahoe Waterman and Junior Waterman educational programs. 



Part of Lake Tahoe Waterman Association’s mission is to be a steward of the land and the lake, this mission has been satisfied with LTWA being the keepers of Patton Landing Beach, participating in the conservation of public access to Lake Tahoe (for humans and their four-legged friends!) LTWA is collaborating with Watermans Landing in the maintenance and upkeep of the property. We schedule ongoing beach clean-ups, routine maintenance of the natural landscape, and maintenance of the facility and grounds that are part of the California Tahoe Conservancy land at Patton Beach in Carnelian Bay, California.

What does it mean to be a Tahoe Waterman?

Being part of nature knowing that the lake, the mountains, the wind is something bigger than us. It is cultivating appreciation, connection, respect, and awareness of our place in nature and within our community. To see the world as an integrated system that connects businesses to society and the environment through community efforts.  A humanitarian mindset that we value and want to share with our community, and the next generations.