2020 Outrigger Canoe Club or Group Training Program

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Team up with Coach Jay Wild for a 2020 season club training program personalized for your specific needs.

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March - September 2020

A 3-day per week training program used by your coach for the full club.

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3-Month Plan

A 5-6 day/week program to get your crew tuned & ready for your specific 2020 goal race.

Coach Jay works with YOUR coach to personalize and administer the training program. Contact us to sort out the best program for you.

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Racing faster. That's what every team is after. The Tahoe Waterman paddle training program helps your crew get faster in several ways:


Sports-Science Based Conditioning Plans: Instead of ad-hoc workouts that provide general paddling conditioning, our plans are specifically phased and personalized to get your crew or club in optimal condition for each race. The periodized training plans work in 5-week blocks that build on one another to aid paddlers in reaching peak fitness. To do that, the plan includes specific training to build a strong endurance base, the necessary paddler power and strength, race speed, and importantly, the right stroke and paddle technique to really take advantage of your optimal physical conditioning. Every aspect of your training and technique is optimized using the latest sports science and training techniques.


Science-based, Elite-Performance Driven Stroke Technique: You've probably heard of the Tahitian stroke and several other stroke technique models. Each club seems to have its own stroke style that is born out of years of experience, tradition, and some ad-hoc thinking or copycatting of other teams. At Tahoe Waterman, our stroke technique is based on the science of paddling - drawn from decades of experience from Olympic-level paddlers, combined with the on-the-water experience of Coach Jay Wild, an elite paddler who successfully competes globally in paddle sports races. When your crew works with Coach Jay, you can be confident that you are learning the best of the paddling world's science-based, elite performance-driven paddling technique.  

Data-Driven Fitness Optimization: We encourage our athletes to share their workout data from performance measurement devices like sports watches, heart-rate monitors, and stroke sensors. Coach Jay reviews and uses this data to fully understand the effectiveness of the training program, and your progress in building fitness. He tunes and optimizes your training based on real results and data, combined with qualitative feedback from you, the athlete. This is one of the most under-utilized training components in the outrigger paddling community today. At Tahoe Waterman, all of that translates to one simple thing - YOU going faster than your peers because your training is perfectly optimized for you.

Stroke-Rate Based Training: Somehow paddling athletes know that stroke rate matters but, mysteriously, this critical component of paddling has gone largely unaddressed. At Tahoe Waterman, we're changing that:  we formalize the role of stroke rate as it relates to heart-rate, paddler effort/work, your boat speed, and stroke technique.  They are all precisely and predictably interconnected. As such, our workouts nearly always specify stroke rate, along with the more common training interval elements (e.g. number of intervals, heart rate or effort level, distance or time per interval). As a result, what is the single comment we hear most from our athletes? "Since I added stroke rate to my training and racing, I am finally in full control of my paddling." You'll be pleasantly surprised by how much it matters.


The Club or Group Paddle Training Program is an in-season, integrated training program including a periodized, personalized training plan and in-person (on-site) paddle technique sessions. The program is coordinated with your club coach or the lead crew member of the training group. Individual training session details are delivered via Training Peaks or daily emails for easy access.


All plans and technique sessions are designed and delivered by Coach Jay Wild.


This program is best for an outrigger canoe club or a single crew within the club, as follows:


  • Outrigger Canoe Club: Your club coach (men, women, coed, novice) works directly with Coach Jay. Jay designs the best program that fits your club - your workout schedule, your 2020 race plan, and your goals.  The training plan - typically three workouts per week - is delivered to your coach (via the online training platform called TrainingPeaks), who administers the plan with your club members, aided at every step of the way by Coach Jay. Jay delivers in-person paddle technique sessions with your club and with the ok from your coach rides along for occasional training sessions throughout the season. 

  • Single Crew: This plan is perfect for a group of paddlers preparing for a particular race (ex. Catalina) or race series (ex. the NCOCA endurance races) in 2020. Coach Jay provides a 5-6-day per week training plan for the crew, optimized to meet the team's race goal. The phased plan is personalized for your specific starting context - physical condition, paddling experience, and the number of days per week you have to train. The crew can execute the training together, individually, or a combination of the two. Coach Jay delivers in-person paddle technique sessions to your crew and occasionally rides along for individual training sessions throughout the plan. Get the kind of attention your crew deserves (and needs) to race your best race.

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