Double Relay Race 

DATE  Saturday, May 30, 2020

LOCATION  Donner Lake, Truckee, CA

FORMAT  Two-person teams paddling a single OC1, surf ski, SUP, or prone board alternate relay-race-style for a 4 x 3-mile circuit

DISTANCE  12 miles

PRICE  $90 per team


New in 2020, the Double Relay is guaranteed to be a hoot ... and competitive, as tandem teams take turns looping the lake. Here are the details:

How do the teams work?

Each team includes two people who will paddle the same craft, alternating doing one circuit of the lake. The race starts with a team member doing one circuit of the lake and returning to the beach where they tag the other team member. The second team member does one circuit of the lake and returns to the beach, tagging in the other member. Each team must complete four (4) circuits total - two (2) circuits for each team member.

How long is each leg?

Each circuit of the lake is 3 miles, so with four legs for each team, the total race distance is 12 miles. Each team member paddles 6 miles, made up of two 3-mile circuits.

Do teams have to paddle the same craft?

Yes. Two people per team and one boat/craft per team. Both team members must paddle the same craft. Team members can use their own individual paddles and PFDs but they must paddle the same craft.

Is a leash required?

Leashes are mandatory for OC1, prone, and SUP boards. If you prepare properly, during the handoff from one team member to the other, securing the leash properly will take only a few seconds, and in any case, all competitors are required to do the same. Any craft identified without a leash secured during the race may be penalized or disqualified.

Do teams have to alternate?

Yes, the person who starts the race for each team (Leg #1) must do Leg #3, and the other person must do Leg #2 and Leg #4.

Which team member starts?

That's up to you. Strategically, the person who starts will very likely establish the team's overall position within the pack, while the second team member does the last leg and finishes the race. There is definitely some potential tactical advantage in choosing the right order for the members of a team.

Can teams be mixed - men and women?

Definitely. Our race categories include teams of two men, two women, or one man and one woman. 


What type of craft are included?

Teams can compete on a SUP, OC1, surf ski, or prone board.

What are the prize categories?

Podium prizes will be awarded by gender mix, age, and craft type.

Do you have any questions? Email us - we'll get back to you quickly.

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