The inspiration to create youth programs came alive through our passion for paddling sports while witnessing the athleticism in the community around our mountain towns.  As a family, we believe in being in nature and enjoy the lake in the summer months. We want to share our waterman lifestyle with our community and generations to come so don’t miss out and book today!

The Waterman Program was founded by elite paddlers Anik and Jay Wild. Anik and Jay are involved with every aspect of the camp and have surrounded themselves with an expert team of unique, dynamic, knowledgeable and kid-friendly coaches and advisors.



jay wild

Jay is a paddle certified coach, and instructor and a Crossfit coach. Jay’s water rescue certification includes American Red Cross Certified Lifeguard, Rescue 3 International Inland Rescue Swimmer and Wilderness First Responder. Jay is a father, a husband, and ranks among the best of the elite paddlers in the US 

Anik brings 25+ years of paddle sports coaching and racing experience to the camp.  As an athlete, she is bringing World-class experiences level mentorship to the kids. Anik values a strong mind, fearlessness, and hard work as essential characteristics for any accomplished individual and athlete.

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anik wild


jeff pearson

Jeff is a professional swimming coach and is currently certified by the American Swim Coaches’ Association at level 5. As a coach developed athletes that went on to win medals in Olympic Games. Jeff is a business owner at Boost Swimming, a father and an athlete, Jeff  still holds the United States Masters Swimming 2 mile cable swim National record.


julie and abigail


Julie and Abi are water rescue professional at Sierra Rescue, committed to providing quality water-rescue knowledge to our programs. They bring high-quality, professional expertise to the camp staff. As an athlete, Julie is a world champion with the US Women’s Rafting Team.  Abigail has an extensive mountaineering, first aid, and teaching background.