Training Plan for 2020 Wild Buffalo Relay Presented by Puakea Designs


Race Date: Saturday, April 5, 2020

Location: Catalina Island to Newport Beach, CA

Distance: 41 miles

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Train with Coach Jay Wild to prepare for this must-do long-distance race featuring individual craft relay teams of 2 to 4 people. This open ocean paddle is a big ask that pays back huge in post-race confidence and accomplishment. With a 41-mile race length, you'll want to make sure you get your training plan and race strategy right for this bucket list race.

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Race Plan

16 Week Plan

An integrated 5 or 6-day per week training program building to peak fitness for the race.

$180 per month

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Questions?  Send us a note.


This paddling-focused training program prepares you for your goal race and ensures you arrive on race day in peak paddling physical condition, confident in your fitness and mentally prepared to deliver your best performance. A personalized, periodized daily training plan delivered via Training Peaks or email each week ensures you are doing exactly the right type of training to prepare for your race.

The program includes the following:


  • 16-WEEK TRAINING PLAN. A periodized daily training plan for the 16 weeks in the run-up to your event. Each daily workout includes detailed Warmup, Main Set, and Cool Down instructions along with the focus for the session (ex. "Consistent Interval Times: Complete all 6 intervals in the same amount of time, especially the first and last interval"). The selection of workouts is tuned for your personal context: the type of craft (ex. OC1, Surfski, SUP, etc.), your starting physical condition and paddling experience, and the number of days per week you have available to train. 

    Not sure if you have enough time to train? Contact us to discuss options for making the best use of your available training time.


  • DATA-DRIVEN TRAINING: We strongly encourage our athletes to use performance measurement devices like a heart rate monitor and sports watch, and to share workout data with us. Coach Jay Wild reviews your daily workouts using the data provided by these devices and adapts your training plan strategy and workouts accordingly. It's the single best way to ensure your training is fully optimized for you.

    Not sure if you have the right performance measurement gear? Contact us and we'll help you use or select the right gear.


  • WEEKLY CHECK-IN. Each week, meet with Coach Jay Wild in person, or via phone, email, or online video conference to discuss your progress, tune your plan, and answer questions. This isn't required as part of the plan but we find that athletes who take advantage of these short discussions each week tend to show the greatest progress toward their race goals.

  • RACE STRATEGY AND PLAN: Nervous about race day? It's natural so Coach Jay Wild will help you define the right overall race strategy along with pacing, hydration, nutrition, and mental preparation. He'll answer all your questions about the race venue, pre-race time management and preparation, and much more. Be prepared, be more confident, race faster.

  • TECHNIQUE ANALYSIS. Paddle technique analysis and tuning helps you paddle as efficiently and powerfully as possible. In practice, it's simple - use a smartphone to record yourself paddling on your craft, and share the video with Coach Jay Wild. He'll provide detailed feedback on areas for improvement in your paddling stroke along with a prioritized set of drills to correct your issues. Nearly every paddler has room for improvement in their stroke, and this is "free speed" - it shaves seconds or minutes off your race times without doing more workouts. 

    Just interested in having Coach Jay Wild evaluate your stroke? Contact us and we'll schedule a review.


  • (Optional) PERFORMANCE TESTING. Performance testing includes the three 'gold standards' used by professional and recreational endurance athletes to determine optimal training intensity and track performance gains over time. Testing is conducted by sports medicine experts on a paddling erg including VO2 Max, Lactate Threshold, and Functional Threshold. The test outputs are integrated into your daily workout plans thereby personalizing each workout for your particular fitness level and strengths/weaknesses.

  • EXPERT SPEAKERS: Build your knowledge, skills and practical know-how from expert presentations on training, technique, nutrition, sports psychology, and other topics streamed online and available on-demand via our website thereafter.


This program is best for paddling athletes who want to focus their training on one event - whether you're going for a new personal best or just looking to finish. We'll help you get in shape and meet your goal for that event. Here are a few more details:

  • MOSTLY PADDLING: Our race program incorporates mostly paddle training with little or no emphasis on weight training or cross-training (ex. swimming, running, biking, etc.). Sport-specific training i.e. paddling your craft is the best way to use the limited and valuable time in this 16-week program.

  • BUILDS ON YOUR CURRENT CONTEXT:  Coach Jay Wild will adapt the race training plan to your situation at the beginning of the plan. If you are coming in off a rest period (short or sustained), you'll find the early training sessions "just getting back into it"-friendly. If you're already paddling fit and looking to prepare for this distance, Coach Jay will adjust the plan sessions to optimize for absolute peak readiness for race day. Either way, the training plan applies the right ratio of stress and recovery to achieve the best possible race-day fitness while avoiding injury from over-training.

Ready to get started? Register today. Have a few more questions? Contact us today. We're happy to chat and design a program that's right for you.

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